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Introducing Our Remedial Massage Therapists In Gisborne

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Jacqui Flinn

Remedial Massage Therapist

Are you looking for a skilled remedial massage therapist in Gisborne? Meet Jacqui, Jacqui has an infectious energy and is a natural at building relationships with her patients, ensuring they feel comfortable and supported throughout their health journey.

She comes to this field from an extensive sporting background, primarily as an avid/amateur golfer (almost made it) and many other sporting codes. It is this extensive participation in sport/ exercise that sparked her interest in helping others find relief from the unrelenting physical demands that sport and life put our body through.

Jacqui has experienced her fair share of injuries, pain and dysfunction over the years and has equally experienced the positive results from remedial massage and chiropractic services in supporting and restoring function and wellness in her body.

With her wealth of personal experience, Jacqui is able to empathise with her clients and design optimal treatment plans tailored to their specific needs. Her main objective is to help individuals find relief from acute and chronic muscular pain, improve mobility, and achieve optimal levels of physical performance.


Her mantra is on point with that of Jim Rohen... “Take care of your body it is the only place you have to live”. She firmly believes that there is nothing more important than prioritising and maintaining your body's well-being.


Jacqui works closely with the clinics Chiropractors and fellow remedial massage therapists, embracing a collaborative approach to deliver best outcomes for her clients. By leveraging the expertise of the entire team, she maximises the quality of life for her patients, enabling them to engage in the activities they love most.


  • Accepts private health insurance

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